What to expect when you hire me:

  • Professional postpartum couplet care by an experienced RN.

  • Monitoring of maternal and infant condition (temp, blood pressure, etc.)

  • Unbiased support

  • Judgement-free assistance with feedings of all kind

  • Guidance making breastfeeding work for your lifestyle & needs when desired

  • Therapeutic communication

  • Reassurance & encouragement as your mothering skills emerge

  • Empowerment & advocacy

  • Resources & referrals

Before Your Visit Do's & Don'ts

Please Do

  • Complete intake questionnaire that will be emailed to you.

  • Inform your household of my upcoming visit

  • For Overnights: Have an idea of where you would like your baby to sleep (near you or near me)

  • Provide any instruction (don't ring bell, gate, code, etc.)

  • Let me know if you have any pets, especially cats as I am allergic and will need to prepare for exposure.

Please Don't

  • Worry about cleaning your house, I'm focused on you and your baby.

  • Hesitate to share your feelings about how things are going, your comfort level with my support, and your safety and/or mental health.

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