Sanitizing Surfaces

Health & Safety Practices

Sanitary practices are always a standard of care. All equipment is cleaned with Sani Cloth germicidal disposable wipes or alcohol pads before and after each visit or use. Pillow and scale coverings are washed after each use. Hand hygiene is performed before, during, and after each visit. 

In consideration of the current COVID pandemic, some additional measures will be taken. The client may be asked to complete a brief health screening that may be verbal, written, or digital to report signs or symptoms of illness and to communicate any PPE preferences prior to entry of your home. I will most likely greet you, unmasked but at a distance greater than 6 feet from your home entrance so you can see my full face and to facilitate a genuine (albeit brief) connection before donning a mask. Services will be provided with mindful attention to personal space, but may require close proximity. There is an expectation of honesty and transparency in regards to reporting symptoms/exposure (on the part of the client and provider). I support personal and medical freedom but greatly appreciate caution as I share a home with an immune compromised individual.