Q: What is the difference between a lactation consultation and a lactation doula visit?

A: A Lactation Consult is a clinical appointment to identify lactation challenges, needs and goals for the dyad. I will take a medical history, examine your breasts, perform focused assessments on you and your baby, observe a feeding, measure your baby's weight before and after feeding to determine milk transfer. I document my findings and work with you to design a plan of care that works for your individual needs.

    A Lactation Doula Visit is a more casual engagement. You get the same quality support in a gentle and nurturing manner. With your permission, I may climb into bed next to you as we make adjustments to latch, massage the baby, or cry together to release the weight of an intense experience. At these visits my time is fully focused on your direct needs, with no worries of documentation or physician's reports. We may discover a variety of needs ranging from a neck or shoulder massage to a nursing assessment to check your vital signs and postpartum wellbeing. These visits may also include infant care, light house keeping, errands and assistance with outings.

Q: I don't have any pain or difficulty with my lactation experience. Is it a good idea to reach out to an IBCLC anyway?

A: Absolutely! I love to provide objective confirmation that feeding is effective. It's also helpful to monitor for any minor issues that may impact success as your journey continues.

Q: Will I need more than one visit?

A: I usually see my lactation consult clients at least twice. This way we can design a plan and then evaluate it's success and make any needed adjustments at a follow up visit.

    For doula clients, it is based on your desires and needs. You may only need one 2 hour engagement or you may want 6 weeks of almost daily visits. I am happy to create a schedule that meets your needs.

Q:Why hire a registered nurse?

ASimply put, hiring a registered nurse offers a level of care that comes with peace of mind. Nursing has been named the most trusted profession year after year. The California Board of Registered Nursing requires finger printing, thorough background checks, and continued education with license renewal every 2 years. Our credentials are easily verified instantly online, and may provide confidence that your baby and family are safely cared for. Additionally, when hired as  a registered nurse my care offers a broader scope of practice than a doula or NCS (Newborn Care Specialist)*. A nurse can do things like assess the mother or baby and recognize signs and symptoms that should be reported to a provider, provide a nursing diagnosis and create a plan, implement the needed interventions and evaluate the outcome. This is called the nursing process. As a registered nurse I can serve families in this way, along with the traditional care offered by a doula or NCS.


Q: I want to be a "hands on" parent. How does postpartum care benefit me?

A: While infant care (independent or demonstrative) might be included in a lactation doula visit, the focus is on your wellbeing and individual needs. I aim to build you up and help ease any stress. I strive to offer intuitive and compassionate guidance and care. This support is different from that of a Newborn Care Specialist. 

Q: I have a very limited budget but I know I need support. What do I do now?

A: Let's connect! Send me a message so I can learn about your specific situation and needs. We may be able to set up a payment plan or customize care in a way that works for everyone! 

Q: Have you been vaccinated?

A: I am current on my TDaP and Flu vaccines and have completed the COVID vaccine series.

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