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What I Do

Women and their families deserve support, education and guidance following child birth. In a time where many new mothers may find themselves feeling lost or overwhelmed, a doula can provide them with knowledge and encouragement and help to build confidence in their new role. All mothers will benefit greatly from a doula who can walk with them through this journey, help them discover their intuition and develop their mothering skills. Some mothers may need one to simply hold space for her and see that her every need is met while she embarks on her new path. Other women may desire assistance with breastfeeding and find security in having a professional assess and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. Then there are families who are overwhelmed by the change in sleep patterns and seek night time assistance, providing much deserved respite. I am honored to serve families in all of these ways.  

Who I Serve

I am pleased to serve families of all kinds, and carry respect for all people. I am constantly learning about cultures and philosophies that differ from my own. I take pride in holding a balanced perspective and enjoy helping mothers and families of varied lifestyles. I care for mothers who birth unmedicated at home, with epidural in the hospital, c-section, VBAC, as well as those who become mothers through adoption, and serve them all with warmth and compassion. It would be my honor to serve you!


About Me

  I am a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified  Lactation Consultant as well as a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. I  am currently serving families in Orange County and much of my work is in collaboration with the talented team of women at Nurture Birth. I have been serving the birth community in various roles since 2012, both in and out of the hospital setting. Having such experience gives me a valuable perspective and appreciation for births of ALL kinds.


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Home Visits in Orange County & Surrounding Cities



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Infant Care

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How may I best 
support you on this journey?

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I have partnered with The Lactation Network which is an organization that may be able to bill your insurance company directly resulting in lactation visits at no cost to you. See if your insurance has agreed to work with The Lactation Network below.

If your insurance company has not agreed to work with The Lactation Network you are welcome to book with me and will be provided an invoice to be paid at time of booking. Following our visit I will provide a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement, however reimbursement of any amount is not guaranteed.

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Rachelle truly was my saving grace after I gave birth to my son. I was really struggling with breastfeeding and the baby blues. She always responded with such uplifting messages and came to my rescue when I was ready to throw in the towel with breastfeeding. She helped my son and I make it to over 2 years of exclusive breastfeeding! I was struggling with being a new mom and I’ll never forget her kind words and how she truly heard and understood every emotion I was feeling. Rachelle is just simply amazing